CRM for Marketing

Attract more prospects and create more opportunities with less effort. Use our CRM for marketing and understand your customers like never before through more relevant, timely outreach and more actionable insights. Optimize future marketing efforts by clearly capturing and understanding the return on your marketing spend.

CRM-Marketing Automation Highlights

  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign management implements public relations, product development, Sales to create, execute, monitor and measure marketing programs directed at target audiences. Campaign management involves developing the pricing as well as the Sales strategy to maximize profits.

  • E-mail Management
  • By integrating email with customer management practices, CRM software helps you get more out of your business from one spot. Fresh sale CRM integrates your email client into the CRM software allowing you to send and receive emails while managing all your customer information in one place.

  • Outbound Call Management
  • An outbound call is initiated from a call center agent to a customer on behalf of the call center or a client. Integrate outbound calls into any marketing campaign, setup target lists and follow-up calls. Typical outbound call includes telemarketing, Sales or fund-raising call, as well as calls for contact list updating and surveys or verification services.

  • Lead Management
  • Lead management bridges the gap between Marketing and Sales. It’s a customer acquisition process which identify the potential buyers (leads), educate them, engage with them. When the leads are considered qualified, it get passed from Marketing to Sales.

  • List Management
  • Create new target lists from selected criteria, re-use successful campaign lists and import mail-house lists.

  • MIS Reporting
  • MIS stands for management information system. Business managers at all levels of an organization from assistant managers to executives rely on reports generated from these systems to help them evaluate their business daily activities or problems that arise, to make decisions and to track progress.