Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM has become an emerging practice in every business which has helped to recognise the value of customers and to capitalise on improved customer relations. More and more companies are adopting customer-centric strategies, programs, tools and technologies for efficient and effective Customer Relationship Management process and thereby achieving ‘Improved Customer Experience’, ‘Focused Marketing Efforts’, ‘Automated Analytic and Reporting’, ‘Better Coordination and Cooperation’, ‘More Administrative Support’ and so on.

Today’s tough competition is one of the main reasons why every business sets their goal of holding people’s trust to the business. Storing detailed information about each and every opportunity you are currently working on allows you to understand and accurately predict customers buying needs. As opportunity moves through the sales cycle, your CRM will enable you to plan ahead. This becomes a strategy that many businesses have started considering CRM as one of the essential factors in their everyday business operations to explore more opportunities rather than losing them and tracking how you lost them.


Automated | Simplified | Accurate | Efficient

  • Track time spent on your tasks.
  • Define your billable and non-billable hours with Time Tracking Add-on.
  • Quick Day, Week & Month views shows how your teams are occupied and also tasks to be delivered during the day and week.

Resource Management

Know availability | Plan well | Deliver more | Utilize right

  • Easy to implement Agile, Scrum and more…..
  • Effective Resource Accountability Management
  • Find Variance between Planned and Actual effort
  • Monitor Resource Key Performance Index(KPI)
  • Easy to monitor billable and Non-Billable resources

Schedule Management

Clarity | Communication| Collaboration | Efficiency

  • Easily prepare Work Break-Down Structure
  • Easily assigning the task for multiple resources
  • Clear task time line and project schedule prevents unwanted delays and keeps the teams in sync
  • Resources will receive the task due date alert and Task dependencies allows them to reach out and help each other to avoid delays

Work Flow Management

Monitor Project Flow |Execution Cycle | Get Desired Outcomes

  • Customize Mulitple task status process flow and Task completion %
  • Write your logical status work flow and trigger your team to get the quick update of the current progress status of the task

Executive Report And Dashboard

Insightful | Actionable | Decisive

  • Track your key project metrics – budget, timelines, and resource utilization in real time
  • Quick overview of your project portfolio at a glance
  • Strategic project insights for re-prioritization and reordering of your projects and tasks
  • Task Status and Type wise charts for thorough analysis and better task assignments
  • All “Activities” feed & “To Do List” allows you to drill down to a specific resource’s activity as well “Upcoming & Overdue” tasks